April 1, 2015

Blast from the past!

Instead of doing loads of backstitching I decided to clean out my cabinet and I found some finish products. So it is time for a blast from the past!

Eastern Promise - A design by Joan Elliott that was published in CrossStitcher issue 200

Carrousel - From a random needlework magazine from nineteen ninety-something

Two cute little kittens - A Margeret Sherry design (I think) came with CrossStitcher as gift

Miss Moo Moo - Made for a friend (omg, still not gifted!)

My middle son's name in Winnie the Pooh lettering :) (He is 11 now but still likes it)

Teresa Wentzler's Tempest in a teacup - a free to download pattern for you to try from her site

Train - I think this was in Cross Stitch Collection

The Needlework Shop - a design with loads of tiny details, loved making this!

A pre-printed panda, stitched for my daughter

Winter wolves - A smaller Dimensions kit

Quick Biscornu

And a tiny cupcake card

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