January 3, 2016

A new year!

So 2016 has begun and I really should keep this more up to date. A new year a new format... That might just be right so instead of constantly updating my lists I will keep only three:

- The WIPocalypse list
- The Finishes list
- The Stash List (still doubting if to keep this though)

Next to that I will honour each WIP with a page of it's own on which I keep track of the project and where I will place the update photo's. Before I would overwrite a previous photo but this way you can see a project grow... Sounds nice to me!

So, first step is to create WIP project pages and put a photo on each of my current progress.

Happy Sticthing!

Victorian Christmas Eve

I finally finished Victorian Christmas Eve on December 30, 2015. Just in time for a new year full of different projects.... Or at least other WIP's!