November 29, 2013

Update WIP - Kittens in a Row

Since I promised my son I would work on his kittens first. Yesterday I finished kitten number one.

There is eight kittens total. This first one took some time as it has loads of different brown/red colors. Some are quite similar to each other and there are even a few confetti stitches. The second kitten I am working on is the small black and white one that is half hidden so that should be finished quickly!

November 18, 2013

WIP 10 - Out of Africa

Number 10:
Out Of Africa
Joanne Aston
w 295 x h 194
44 shades of Anchor
16 cnt white aïda
started: september 2013
finished: ...
A most lovely design that immediatly catched my eye when I first saw it in the Cross Stitch Collection issue of februari 2013. I started with the lioness in the lower left corner.

WIP 9 - Victorian Christmas Eve

Number 9:
Victorian Christmas Eve
Sandy Littlejohns & Deborah Lester
w 420 x h 112
57 shades of Anchor
14 cnt white aïda
started: 2012
finished: ...
A lovely scene which is suprisingly nice to stitch. One of those projects where youstart and can't put it away until you really must.
Progress so far:

WIP 8 - Peppercricket Farm

Number 8:
Peppercricket Farm
Charles Wysocki
w 180 x h 132
33 shades of Anchor
28 cnt cream cheescloth
started: 2011

November 17, 2013

WIP 7 - Monopoly

Number 7:
w 336 x h 336
14 shades of DMC
18 cnt white aïda
started: august 26, 2013
finished: ...
This pattern is out of print so it requires some searching (try ebay) if it is not already in your stash. I am working on the border and will change the lettering to Dutch when I get to that part.

WIP 6 - Bless the Animals

Number 6
Bless the Animals
Linda Gillum
w 160 x h 216
48 shades of DMC
14 cnt of peach aïda
started: 2012
finished: ...
I started this sampler for my daughter who loves all animals. I got this pattern as a gift when I purchased the Pattern Maker software. Later I learned this pattern is also printed in The Best of Kooler Design Studio from Leisure Arts.

WIP 5 - Victorian Dollhouse

Number 5:
Victorian Dollhouse
Joan A. Elliott
w 248 x h 182
35 shades of DMC
28 cnt cream cheesecloth
started: 2012
finished: ...
This is a lovely pattern and as it often is; I knew I must have it once I saw it. The great thing is you can stitch one room at a time. You can really see the pattern grow as you go along.
Progress so far:

WIP 4 - Cabrise

Number 4:
w 150 x h 450
85 shades of DMC
21 cnt white aïda
started: 2013
finished: ...

This pattern I got from Mystic Stitch. All stitches are full crosses but since it is so large I am stitching in on a very fine aïda. it has loads of confetti stitches so it will take it's fair share of time.

WIP 3 - Camelot Sampler

Number 3:
Camelot Sampler
Teresa Wentzler
w 138 x h 208
94 shades of DMC, #12 pearl cotton,
Mill Hill petite glass seed beads
28 cnt cream evenweave
started: 2012
finished: ...
One of my favourite designs by Teresa Wentzler is this Camelot sampler. The design is intricate and has lots of blended colours and bits where it is stitched over one thread.
I obtained the pattern through

WIP 2 - Welcome Banner

Number 2:
Welcome Banner
Emily Peacock
w 330 x h 219
11 shades (I am using DMC)
28 cnt cream evenweave
started: 2012
finished: ...
This chart came with the UK CrossStitcher magazine. It is a huge banner so it will take it's fair share of time to get this finished. What is nice however is that you can devide the pattern into blocks and you can work one block a time.
My plan is to make this into a split hanging that can be put at the window near my door.

WIP 1 - Kittens in a row

Time to list what I'm working on!
Number 1:

Kittens in a row
Jayne Netley Mayhew
w 260 x h 89
49 shades of DMC
14 cnt beige aïda
started: august 2013
finished: ...

This project came as a kit from Janlynn.
I am stitching it for my son who wants the finished piece to be a pillow.