February 15, 2015

WIP #5 Update Peppercricket Farm

I have been working on Peppercricket Farm since I laid down the Victorian Christmas Eve. First my progress so far:

So I have most of the full cross stitches done. On the right side there are quite a few half stitches left to do. Then after that there is a fair amount of backstitching in various colours to top it all off. When I picked this up I figured I would finish this first before starting anything else. But ofcourse there is Always something tricking me!

This time the annual needlework fair is messing up my plans as I could not help myself and I bought two lovely kits that have been on my wishlist for quite some time. I will share them with you;

Gracious Era by Alan Maley (Dimensions)

Japanese Garden by Sung Kim (Dimensions)
Two most wonderful kits that make my hands itch to start them, well the Japanese Garden is. The Gracious Era will have to wait until I have finished Victorian Christmas Eve as that is a similar type pattern. As an added bonus I was given this cute little Vintage kit by DMC. Pretty little piece that is that I will surely fit in between my bigger projects someday.... Oh someday....