January 21, 2015

WIP #7 Update Victorian Christmas Eve

Today I reached the 50% done mark on this project. Page 3 of 6 is now done excluding the backstitching. I will take a break from this project for a bit and aim to finish another WIP.

January 7, 2015

Fingerless Gloves

I love using scrap sock yarn in knitting fingerless gloves. The gloves only use a bit of yarn and are a quick stitch. I started these gloves end December and have now got one glove finished apart from tucking in the thread ends.

The cuff will have coloured yarn aswell. The black is regular 4-ply sockyarn. The blue is home dyed 4-ply.

January 5, 2015

NEW START Chat Noir - Scarlet Quince

My first new start in 2015 is Chat Noir. The pattern is by Scarlet Quince while the original poster has quite a bit of history.

'Le Chat Noir' (The Black Cat) was a nineteenth-century entertainment establishment in Montmartre in Paris. It was opened by Rodolphe Salis and unfortunatly closed after his death in 1897. 'Le Chat Noir' is considered to be one of the first modern cabarets.

The now iconic poster is still for sale all over. It is a design by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen that has been adapted many times since adding performers, dates and so on. This explains why you find so many different versions of the poster on the web. Below are two versions. The first was used to advertise a tour to other cities. The second has a specified date and announces the 'réoverture', the reopening in 1896.


Amongst the visitors of the establishment were writers, poets, artists and musicians. To list a few; pianist Erik Satie, composer Claude Debussy, Can-Can dancer Jane Avril, writer Alphonse Allais and painter Paul Signac.

So far some history, now to make some of my own. This is the progress I made on day one. Sticking to the red and so far ignoring the surrounding confetti and blended-yarn stitches!

WIP #7 update Victorian Christmas Eve

I have been working on the Victorian Christmas Eve for a while now so it is about time I show you some of my progress! This WIP is number 7 in the 2015 challenge.

I am still working on page 3 of a total of 6 pattern pages but I am getting there!