February 11, 2019

Past, present & future

I have been busy doing all sorts and next to work moving house took up a fair bit of my time. Naturally during all that I kept on stitching but keeping up the blog somewhat drowned in other stuff. So time for an update what I have been working on, what I plan to work on and what I hope to start in the near future.

For the past two years I have added some more to the WIP pile, so updating the WIPocalypse is needed. But I put most WIP's on hold for Death By Cross Stitch from Long Dog Samplers.

A huge ass sampler only stitched with full stitches, some backstitch but in one colour. The main reason was the moving house bit. All projects needed to be put away for the move and one project with one cone of DMC 310 would be easier to quickly move. Many people adapt this piece and work it in the most amazing set of colours but for me DMC 310, black on white 16 count aïda worked perfectly. Also I took a picture of the project each time I started a new length of thread so as I went along I could watch the pattern grow. Future plans involve putting these pictures in order so it becomes a clip.

I started the piece in March 2017 and finished it just recently on January 24, 2019.

I changed the initials in the centre next to lions and the surrounding area to make sure they fit properly. Also I 'fixed' a tiny area on the right side that I didn't appreciate in the original pattern. The date in the bottom is changed to 2019 as to properly state when it was finished. Other than that I kept it all as was including the alphabets and most minor intentional 'mistakes' that have been put in the pattern. All in all it was a bad-ass project to work on which gave me huge pleasure.

So, after having moved house, and finishing this giant piece it is time to return to the WIPocalypse and keep up the blog!

Happy stitching!

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